Wednesday, April 21, 2021

If You’re Going to Get SASE Then We Can’t Be Trusted

Don’t take it personal. I trust you with everything but the network, internet, computer, phone, web browser, or anything you can put in a USB jack except epoxy (USB lava lamps excepted), or anything else required to do your job. Those of you in the know are asking why it took 40 words to say zero trust. Simple, it was all a setup for the lava lamps.

SASE wasn’t a typo; I didn’t mean sassy. SASE stands for secure access service edge. SASE is a security model designed to address cloud security. The zero trust model is just one component of SASE. As I explain SASE I will devote a blog to each of the concepts that make up a SASE model. In my most recent blog at SecureIQLab I talk about zero trust. As I point out in the blog, zero trust means “trust but verify,”

Don’t trust that the blog actually exists, verify it for yourself!

Randy Abrams

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