Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I Am Pleased To Announce My New Position with Quttera

I am now a Senior Security Analyst at Quttera. Quttera is a company devoted to helping small and medium site businesses secure their websites...almost for free... the cost is pretty small, so even small businesses can afford to secure their websites. I'd look at "about us" first to get an idea of what Quttera is all about. It's just a paragraph that gets right to the point.

I am a really big fan of heuristics and I have been for many years. That is one of the reasons I decided to work for Quttera. I also like to help people become more secure online, and Quttera allows me to do just that.

OK, I'll return to my typical blogging style right after recommending you give the Quttera Free Online Website Malware Scanner.  I also like free online security scanners!

Randy Abrams
Senior Security Analyst

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