Friday, June 8, 2012

Fighting the BMW Spam Machine – Part 2

An Open Letter to BMW AG

Dear BMW,

The fact that you have successful business is not an excuse to abandon basic human decency. Relentlessly harassing people in order to peddle products in not acceptable behavior and tends to indicate that you believe it is necessary to cajole people into buying your products because your products lack sufficient quality to sell themselves.

Going into another country and setting up a legal corporation to encourage local businesses to flaunt the laws of the land is not being a responsible world citizen. Your authorized representative “BMW of Mt. Laurel” has been engaging in a spam campaign for more than a year now. I have repeatedly asked them to stop spamming me and they refuse to honor legitimate requests or comply with US legislation against unwanted commercial emails. BMW of North America appears to be completely supportive of the illegal tactics and refuses to take any actions to stop BMW of Mt. Laurel from continuously spamming me. At this point it would be reasonable to assume that BMW AG approves of BMW of North America’s support for illegal and unethical spamming, but If I am wrong, feel free to reply and let me know how you intend to put an end to the spamming and to force BMW of Mt. Laurel to compensate me for the relentless harassment.

I do understand that BMW of North America is technically a separate legal entity, and that BMW of Mt. Laurel is a separate legal entity, however, they cannot use the BMW trademark if you do not allow them to represent you as common spammers, like they currently do. If you cannot revoke their licensed representation for failing to abide by the laws of the country they do business in, then you need to hire competent legal representation to write our contracts for you.

If you will not put an end to the spamming then I must assume it is how your company chooses to operate and continue to shed light upon your lawlessness and lack of basic human decency.


James “Randy” Abrams

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©2012 Randy Abrams - Independent Security Analyst

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